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Pilot Plant

Our R&D starts in the lab with small scale tests  and/or experiments that are conducted to achieve a proof of concept, after that it is full speed ahead into our well equipped pilot plant.

Equipment Capabilities:

  • 1 L to 300-gallon reactors, including Autoclaves, Stainless Steel/Glass line/Titanium reactors

  • Pressures range up to 1500 psi on autoclaves and up to 150 psi on bigger reactors

  • Glass reactor set up for up to 25L scale, equipped with fractional distillation

  • Glass lined reactors equipped with carbide heat exchangers for distilling corrosive materials

  • Dedicated chiller, hot oil system, steam supply from main plant allowing wide range of temperature capabilities, dedicated vacuum system

  • Thin film evaporator (1 sq ft) for drying heat sensitive materials

  • Filtration capabilities with jacketed sparkler filters, nutsche filters, cartridge filters of different capacities

  • Glass and stainless centrifuges

  • Tumble dryers equipped with nitrogen purge option for moisture sensitive materials

  • Continuous supply of cooling tower water, nitrogen, air, steam and other common utilities

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